Ni- Dental Checkup- A Preventive Measure

Ni- Dental Checkup- A Preventive Measure

Oct 01, 2019

Regular examination of your teeth is an important part of health care. When you visit a dentist, a dentist examines your teeth, jaws, gums and overall mouth for any kind of decay, cavities or mouth disease. The examination also involves finding out oral problems and checking your face, neck or mouth for abnormalities if any. They might also conduct dental X-rays for a clear picture of the problems in the mouth. Further, the dentist might also guide you with correct brushing, flossing techniques along with a diet chart to provide a compact dental hygiene routine.

Why is the exam necessary?

Regular dental exams not only take care of your oral hygiene but also detect problems if any at an early stage where it is easy to treat the problem with minimal complication.

It also protects overall health. Some diseases like arthritis, diabetes might show up in the mouth first and when the dentist finds out the symptoms, he/she rightly guide you to the particular doctor for early treatment.

You should visit a dentist near you once every six months. Even if you have lost your natural teeth and are surviving on artificial dentures, you must visit the dentist regularly.

How to prepare?

If you are visiting for the first time, make sure that you consider the dentists’ location along with the fee and payment options. If you are looking for Dentistry in Houston, TX, make sure to visit Dentistry of the Oaks for a more comfortable and affordable experience.

The Procedure:

During a Dental exam, your dentist will:

  • Examine your overall health and oral hygiene
  • Examine the teeth for decay or gum disease
  • Might take Dental X-rays for diagnosing any oral problem
  • Check your bite and jaw for problems
  • Will remove stains from the teeth and check the need for tooth restoration or replacement
  • Will guide proper cleaning methods for your teeth or dentures and will also prescribe the suitable fluoride

The dentist conducts an interactive session where he/she finds out the persisting history of the disease, the medications already prescribed and guides further according to the individual need. Gum diseases are highest if a patient has diabetes. Excessive dryness in the mouth can cause tooth decay. If suffering from arthritis, a patient might find it difficult to brush teeth and so the dentist may guide with solutions that are easy for the patients like using an electric toothbrush. It also includes counselling against excessive use of tobacco which affects the overall health of a person.

Dental Cleaning

It is a process where a dentist uses a small mirror inside the mouth to find out cavities or tartar along the gum lines. The cavities or tartar are scraped off from the teeth with the use of various instruments. The more the cavities the higher the time taken in this process. Then with the help of fluoride or sticky chemicals, the teeth might be polished for a whitening effect. It is recommended not to eat or drink anything at least 30 minutes after a cleaning process for its effect to last long.

The Dos and Don’ts before a Dental Exam:

  • Don’t brush Beforehand: It is not necessary to brush your teeth before visiting a dentist as it aides a dentist to find the problematic areas more clearly.
  • Prepare Your Queries: Notice the problematic areas of your mouth and ask the dentist diligently about the problems. This enables them to guide better.
  • Don’t whiten the teeth before cleaning: Rather it should be another way round as whitening makes teeth sensitive whereas cleaning aides in whitening them properly.
  • Don’t Go for Cleaning if you are not well: Cleaning removes bacteria from the mouth which may pass into your mouth through the bloodstream, so wait till you are well before a check-up. Mention the chronic disease if you had before an exam.

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