Does Invisalign® Treatment Work For Adults?

Does Invisalign® Treatment Work For Adults?

Nov 01, 2019

Straightening adult teeth is not as easy as it would be for kids. The bone structures of kids are still developing. This means that the treatment with Invisalign® will take and yield results faster than in adults. However, all is not lost for adults. Misaligned teeth can still be corrected by dentists in Houston, TX, even for adults.

What Issues Does Invisalign Treat?

Like any other type of aligners, Invisalign is used to correct the positioning of teeth by initiating a shift of teeth. Technically, any dentistry in 77018 can offer this treatment, upon advisement by your dentist. Some of the oral problems that Invisalign in Houston, TX can treat include:

  • Gaps between teeth – gaps can form due to the shifting of teeth or the disproportionate sizes of teeth. A dentist near you can recommend these aligners to close the gap by pushing the teeth to shift in the correct direction.
  • Crowded mouth – when teeth are too big for the jaw, they cannot fit in the correct position. Aligners can correct this and straighten the teeth.
  • Crooked teeth – some teeth behave abnormally and take a wrong position on the jaw.

What Should Adults Know about Invisalign Treatment?

  • You only get 2 hours of free time – clear aligners work differently from traditional braces. The treatment requires wearing your aligners at all times, except for two hours. Dentists recommend 22 hours every day. Since the procedure takes time, following through with the instructions, will yield better results for you.
  • You have to remove them when eating – clear aligners can be damaged with chewing. Besides, food residues will stain them if you eat without removing them. In the 2 hours free time you have, make the best out of your meal plans.
  • Oral hygiene becomes a priority – clear aligners stain easily. Since the idea is for them to be invisible, staining them will undermine that fact. In that case, top-notch oral hygiene is required for maintenance of the clear aligners. It is not too much to ask that you brush your teeth every time you eat and before you put the aligners back on your mouth.
  • You will change your aligners every couple of weeks – in the course of the treatment, the clear aligners have to be adjusted. They need to fit perfectly for any changes to occur. After every six weeks or so, your dentist will replace the set of aligners you have with a new tray of clear aligners. The dentist will guide you on how often you should return for adjustments.
  • You must wear retainers after treatment – even after your treatment is done, you may have to deal with retainers for the rest of your life. Retainers hold the teeth and jaw in place. This is the only way to sustain the results and prevent the teeth from shifting back to the original position. Retainers are particularly necessary for lower jaw teeth, which shift back much easier than the upper jaw.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

As mentioned earlier, straightening teeth for adults take longer than it does for children and teenagers. The bones are more mature with age, which makes the shifting process harder. The treatment takes at least six months or more. For most people, it takes more than that. However, it has very little to do with age. The longevity of the treatment depends on factors such as:

  • Your bone and teeth structure – patients have unique bone structures. Some heal quicker than others because the shifting is easy. For such patients, the treatment can take fewer months.
  • The complexity of the malpositioned teeth – if the oral condition is too complex, the treatment requires a lot of time to institute the shift and achieve the desired results.
  • The distance of movement – especially when closing up gaps between teeth. The longer the length that teeth should move, the more time it will take for the treatment to work.
  • Discipline in wearing the Invisalign – the aligners must be worn for at least 20 hours every day. The recommended time is 22 hours. If you undermine this routine, then you will elongate the duration of your treatment.