Achieve a Brighter Smile Instantly with Lumineers

Achieve a Brighter Smile Instantly with Lumineers

Jun 16, 2019

Lumineers are ultra-thin covering for your teeth that can be fitted painlessly and quickly. Unlike whitening gels and laser treatment, you can discuss in advance with your dentist on how white you want your tooth to be. So you won’t be disappointed. The expert dentistry from 77018 has highlighted how you can lighten up your smile with Lumineers.

  • Your Smile Will Look Amazing with Lumineers.
  • Having problems with your teeth can make you feel overwhelmed at times thus making you feel hopeless. We at Dentistry of the Oaks believe we can make your smile amazing with the help of Lumineers. With our training and technology, we can fit you for custom-crafted Lumineers, just one of the several options available in our Houston Dentistry Near You.

  • Lumineers Give You A Lasting White Smile!
  • Not all stains can be removed with professional teeth whitening techniques like laser, etc. Some discoloration does not even seem to respond to the strongest whitening agents. Solely for this reason, Lumineers are a great option. So find your Dentist in Houston TX at Dentistry of the Oaks.

  • Hide Surface Flaws With Lumineers!
  • Lumineers cover up cosmetic flaws like cracks, chips, or rough spots for a beautiful smile you will want to show off. This is amazing for people who don’t want a few damaged teeth to steal their spotlight.

  • Lumineers Are Instant Orthodontics!
  • If you have teeth that are crooked, slightly overlapping or gapped, Lumineers can be the orthodontic treatment that can help you fix your teeth to make it appear like you’re wearing braces for a year or two.

  • You Can Reshape Teeth With Lumineers!
  • Some of our patients deal with teeth that do not easily blend in with the other teeth. This creates a distraction in their mind and feels less confident while communicating. We at Dentistry of the Oaks can easily blend in the tooth creating a distraction with the help of Lumineers.

  • The Lumineers Process Is Painless!
  • Lumineers at Dentistry of Oaks require little to no modification to your tooth enamel. That means a faster, more comfortable process for patients who want to transform their smile. So get your Lumineers in Houston, TX at Dentistry of the Oaks.