About Our BPA-Free Fillings: Safe & Natural-Looking

About Our BPA-Free Fillings: Safe & Natural-Looking

Jun 03, 2019

The dentist and their qualified team work hard towards taking care of your child’s dental needs. Right from routine cleanings and exams to root canals and extractions, the dentist near 77018 offers all dental care treatments. Many patients have mild tooth decay, which is treated with the help of dental fillings. Want to know more about dental fillings and what exactly is a dental filling? Let’s explore.

What Is a Filling?

Bacteria in your mouth breaks down sugar and other substances to form acid, which can wear away your teeth and create cavities. If it’s left untreated, your tooth can begin to decay and become infected. That’s why it is important to treat decay as early as possible. In most of the cases, it means removing the decayed material, cleaning the area, and filling the cavities.

What Types of Fillings Exist?

There are different types of fillings from gold and silver to composite fillings. Different materials are used depending on the extent of damage, allergies, and other factors, says the dentist in Houston, TX.

Safe & Natural-Looking BPA-Free Composite Fillings

The dentist near you and his team use only BPA-free materials in the fillings. This way, your child is protected from getting exposed to harmful chemicals. Apart from being safe, the fillings also match the color and appearance of your child’s natural teeth. Thus, no one can notice there’s a filling in the tooth and you can be confident that with proper oral hygiene, your child’s teeth are protected from additional decay.

Protect Your Child From Tooth Decay

Though fillings are considered as a common treatment for tooth decay, there are many steps that you and your family can take to prevent the cavities. Make sure everyone brushes their teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, flosses at least once every day, and visits the dental office regularly for cleanings and exams. If getting your kids to brush their teeth is a daily struggle, try to make brushing fun for kids so that they enjoy brushing instead of considering it as a duty.