5 Tips for Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

5 Tips for Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

Apr 01, 2019

A root canal is a dental procedure which most people dread, however, might require a root canal after prolonged neglect. However, after getting a root canal, here are some self-care tips you might need to follow:

Don’t Stress about Some Sensitivity

After your root canal, you might experience some sensitivity as your body begins to heal. However, your sensitivity will reduce and disappear as your tooth begins to heal. Hence, don’t stress about some sensitivity as it will disappear within a week.

Consult your dentistry in Houston to know more about how to deal with the temporary sensitivity post a root canal treatment

Avoid Chewing on the Area Until You Have Your Permanent Crown

Many times, a dental crown might be needed to post a root canal to offer more protection. Till, then, avoid chewing on the area until you have your permanent crown to avoid any form of discomfort or prevent fracturing your tooth.

Brush and Floss Normally

After your root canal, you can continue cleaning your teeth normally by brushing and flossing normally. Cleaning your teeth properly helps in preventing infection or a gum disease post a root canal procedure.

Your Dentistry in Houston, TX will recommend you a softer toothbrush and a high fluoride toothpaste, depending upon the nature of your root canal treatment.

Rinse with Warm Water to Soothe the Area

Rinse with warm water to soothe the area and avoid consuming any form of extremely hot or cold beverage till your tooth begins to feel better.

Schedule Your Follow-Up Exam

It is important to schedule your follow-up exam with your dentist 77018 to ensure that your tooth is healing well. Your dentist will ensure that there are not infection or disease in the gum region and accordingly advise you follow-up treatment and aftercare.

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