5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lumineers

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lumineers

Apr 01, 2020

1. What are Lumineers?

Lumineers is a brand name for porcelain veneers used to correct deformities in teeth, such as gaps and cracks. It is a permanent cosmetic solution that helps correct chipped, misaligned, discolored, or gapped teeth.

This is a painless procedure according to various people who have undergone it. They help keep your natural teeth strong and healthy. The procedure is also reversible hence the name” reversible veneers.’’

You only require two visits to the dentist near you to get them. They are non-prep veneers, and this means that they don’t need any prior preparation. Lumineers are tough as they are made from porcelain. They can last for two decades or more, provided an individual maintains proper oral hygiene.

Should you need lumineers, make sure you visit a dentist in Houston, TX, who is well trained and licensed.

2. Lumineers and Veneers

The difference between lumineers and veneers is:

Veneers are thin and wafer-like shells that are attached to the base of the teeth. They correct problems like cracking and chipping. They are also used to close the gaps between teeth and whiten them. Unlike veneers, lumineers are highly durable. Getting veneers is also a long process that is time-consuming.

The first step is usually to remove about a millimeter of the tooth’s enamel since veneers are very bulky. After that, your dentist has to get an impression, drill, and etch the surface of the tooth. This is to ensure that the veneers fit the exact size and shape of the tooth.

To get veneers, you have to look for clinics offering dental services near Houston and make several visits. Getting lumineers in Houston, TX only requires only two dentist appointments.

3. Benefits of Getting Lumineers

They act as a permanent solution for stained and discolored teeth

Lumineers can permanently fix even the most stubborn stains leaving your teeth perfectly white and stainless.

Bridge major and minor gaps between teeth

Gaps are beautiful. Perfect gapped teeth are most people’s envy. However, if you are insecure about your gapped teeth getting lumineers from a cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, would do you a lot of the good.

Help prevent the decay of already damaged teeth

Getting lumineers for your chipped or broken tooth helps prevent it from decaying in the future.

Restores The Beauty of Your smile

A great smile is a significant self-esteem booster. It makes you more charming, confident, and attractive. Having lumineers fixed will definitely help you improve your teeth’ aesthetics.

Fix Crooked Teeth

You can get a crooked tooth as a result of a fall, accident or getting hit by an object.

Lumineers help restore the original form of the teeth, and the process is absolutely painless.

They Provide Good Value for Money

Money invested in getting lumineers is money well-spent. You can never regret the decision to get lumineers.

They are tough and less prone to cracking. You don’t have to worry about frequent visits to the dentist. Your teeth also remain white and stainless. You can even smile comfortably without having to worry about misshaped teeth.

4. Who Should Get Lumineers?

Lumineers are recommended for people who:

  1. Have chipped or cracked teeth
  2. Want to close gaps between teeth
  3. Have tooth discoloration
  4. Have a croocked tooth
  5. Dislike intensive dental processes

Drilling and reducing the thickness of the enamel is a tedious process that can be avoided by getting lumineers.

5. Risks Involved

Like any other procedure, installing lumineers is associated with a number of risks which include:


The teeth might appear bulkier than usual after the procedure.

Irritation of the gums

In an effort to fit them correctly, they are placed right above the gum line, which irritates the gum.

They can result in tooth decay

Though rarely, veneers which are too thick change contours of the teeth creating a ledge. This, in turn, makes it harder to clean, resulting in the formation of a plaque.

Lastly, it is expensive

This process is time-consuming and involves the use of costly equipment.

Going for lumineers should be a personal decision based on information acquired from professionals. Therefore, consult your dentists before finally settling on having them fitted.