5 Rare Facts About Cavities And Dental Fillings

5 Rare Facts About Cavities And Dental Fillings

Jan 01, 2019

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you more. Although cavities and dental fillings are common, many people do not know much about them. Like, did you know you could have cavities right now and not know it?

That’s why you need to visit our family dentist in Houston, TX to identify cavities and repair them before things get out of hand.

Why Your Teeth Get Cavities

Cavities are spots of tooth decay where tooth enamel has weakened and broken open. Teeth can be sensitive to temperature or touch because of cavities. Even chewing can be difficult, which limits your diet to soft food. After the common cold, cavities are the most frequently diagnosed ailment from which humans suffer. Cavities should not be ignored as it can get worse and you may have to lose your tooth.

Rare Facts About Cavities And Fillings

According to dentist near Houston, most people will have a cavity or two sometime in their life, so here are some rare facts about tooth decay and how to repair it.

Cavities Will Keep Getting Worse Until Treated

Some health problems can get better with rest but cavities are definitely not one of those says family dentist 77018. Until a dentist has the time to treat the cavity, the bacteria behind it will just keep multiplying and you can lose your tooth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

You can have tooth colored fillings these days so that it fits naturally with your other teeth unlike metal fillings in older days.

Root canal or Dental Crown

You can need a root canal if the cavity gets too deep. Cavities can cause damage beyond repair. You can need a dental crown if the cavity gets too big. That’s why it needs to be treated immediately.

Dental Fillings Are Not Expected To Be Permanent

Fillings can last for many years, but if you got a filling placed when you were a teen, that can mean it’s starting to get loose. Over time, the bond loosens between the filling and the healthy enamel around it.