Your Smile Will Improve When You Consider the Benefits of Lumineers

Your Smile Will Improve When You Consider the Benefits of Lumineers

Jan 01, 2020

If your teeth and gums are affecting your quality of life you should consider researching lumineers because they are the best option for you to improve your smile. If your teeth and gums are making it difficult for you to smile before people and restricting your opportunities to land a good job without undergoing a major dental restoration procedure you will find lumineers a popular choice that can offer you many benefits. Want to understand what the benefits are? Continue reading because we intend to provide you the essential information.

Lumineers Can Address Common Discolorations and Stains on Your Teeth

If you believe veneers were the only option available for you to remove the stains or discolorations on your teeth you will be happy to understand that technological advances have made it possible for lumineers to become a stronger option. Lumineers can address staining and discoloration and even fix some stubborn stains that cannot be done by veneers.

Restoring Chipped Teeth without Removing the Enamel

Many people in the United States have chipped teeth and often choose veneers is an option to rectify the problem. However, the enamel of the tooth needs to be removed before a veneer can be placed. The process is irreversible. Thankfully lumineers can be placed on the teeth without modifying its structure and most importantly this process is reversible.

Bridging Minor Gaps between the Teeth

The dentist near you will recommend lumineers if you have minor gaps between your teeth with the suggestion that the placement will allow you to bypass the removal of the tooth structure before the placement.

Preventing the Decay of Damaged Teeth

Over 90 percent of the US population has cavities and many haven’t even thought about treatment for tooth decay. Having sugary foodstuff and poor oral hygiene are the primary reasons for tooth decay which can also be aggravated by chipped or damaged teeth. Lumineers can help to correct this problem and can prevent the bacteria in the mouth from breaking more havoc.

Lumineers Are Long Lasting Compared to Conventional Veneers

When you search for lumineers in Houston, TX, the dentist attending to you will mention that while veneers can last for about a decade you will find it better to have lumineers in your mouth that can provide you with whiter and healthier teeth for two decades. If at some time you believe or feel lumineers are not the best option as compared to veneers you can always have them removed without the fear of the condition of your teeth. As no tooth enamel would have been removed during the application your teeth would be in good condition and ready for any other restorative treatment that you prefer.

Restoring the Beauty of Your Smile Painlessly As Possible with Lumineers

You may be one among the 30 to 40 million Americans that are fearful of dentists. However, if you decide to visit the dentist in Houston, TX, for restoring your smile you will be happy to have chosen this option. The dentist will apply the lumineers without subjecting you to local or general anesthesia or even numb your teeth. As the tooth enamel does not need to be removed lumineers are an ideal solution for people with dental anxiety and phobia. Therefore if the only reason that was holding you back from visiting the dentist you can rest assured lumineers have you covered for the treatment.

Your Smile Will Improve If It Looks Healthy with Healthier Teeth in Your Mouth

Trying to smile with a set of unhealthy teeth in your mouth will give away an indication that you are not happy. How you smile not only affects you also inspired people around you. Your smile can make you look better, competent, younger and can also indicate how long you will live. Approximately 1/3 of Americans do not like to smile and the main reason for this is the discolorations and stains they are carrying on their teeth. People may believe it is just a tiny cosmetic problem but the reality is that it is putting extra stress on their mental health. If you do not want additional stress you should be considering a smile makeover at the earliest possible time. A great starting point for you would be with lumineers that will be provided by the dentist in Houston, TX.