Why You Might Need a Dental Filling

Why You Might Need a Dental Filling

Sep 20, 2018

You probably know that, if you get a cavity, you’re going to have to get it filled. Dental fillings are useful for replacing the space where the decay once was in your tooth and maintaining the strength of the tooth. They are a great solution because they are affordable and last at least five years (up to two decades). But did you know that fillings have other uses as well? Here are a few more ways a filling might be used.

Filling in small holes in the teeth

Sometimes, small holes can develop in the teeth even if there is no decay present. They may not cause any discomfort, but they can create problems if food particles and bacteria manage to accumulate within them, as that would eventually lead to tooth decay. If left untreated, the small holes could also expand, creating more of a problem than they initially were. As a preventative measure, the small holes (in one or more teeth) will be filled.

Restoring a fractured tooth

In a lot of cases, a fractured tooth can be fixed with a white composite filling. The fracture could have been caused by a fall, auto accident, physical contact during a sporting event, or any other type of contact to the mouth area. Even chewing on something hard like a pen or an ice cube can cause a tooth fracture. In any of these cases, the affected tooth can be effectively treated and saved using a dental filling.

Covering discolored teeth

As an alternative to a teeth whitening treatment, teeth that have become discolored from staining substances such as wine, coffee, or other acidic foods and beverages can have a filling applied to improve their appearance.

Help with the gradual loss of tooth structure

Teeth can become worn down over time. When this happens, or if they become damaged in any way, the structure is put in jeopardy. To prevent any further damage that may require a more extensive treatment, the worn teeth can have dental fillings applied for enhanced support as well as visual uniformity in all the teeth.