Ditch the Valentine’s Day Candy

Ditch the Valentine’s Day Candy

Feb 11, 2019

I went to CVS the other day to pick up rubber bands for the practice and found myself in the Valentines section. This made me realize candy is pretty much forced on us no matter the holiday. In a sense, it’s not necessarily YOUR fault if you indulge in all the candy and end up with cavities, right??

In an attempt to help you practice restraint from the candy aisle this month, we’ve come up with a guide for your Valentine. You can snag/visit just about everything here in the GOOF.

1. Sinsational Whitening at Dentistry of the Oaks

Any of your adult Valentines would be crazy to pass up an in-office whitening treatment. This month, we’re offering a discount on our whitening treatment. For just $79, you can brighten your teeth 2-5 shades with minimal sensitivity. Of course, we want to make sure your Valentine’s teeth are beautiful and healthy before the whitening, so we do request an exam. X-rays may be transferred from a previous dentist in Houston if taken in the last year. We have physical gift cards for this offer that you may purchase at our office.

2. A hand-crafted bouquet from @PomPomFlorists

Of course you can head to the grocery store and throw together a bouquet of roses that will die in a day, but why not support a local florist and get something a little more exotic? Follow @pompomflorists on instagram to check out all she has to offer this Valentine’s Day.

3. Shop local and snag some cute finds at branché

Have you visited Branché across the street from us? We’re big fans! The fashion experts there will help you pick out a special gift for the special lady in your life. We recommend this hat for your Houston-loving gal. If you’re looking for a great splurge gift, these shoes have us with heart eyes right now.

4. Get a couples massage

We promise couples massages are not nearly as awkward as you may think. We love Blossom Massage, though not exactly in the neighborhood, it’s within a few mile radius. The therapists at Blossom can help you relax or work out some of those kinks. The couples massages are an excellent way to truly relax with your loved one.

5. Snag some local brews for your loved one

With multiple breweries within a 2 mile radius, you can easily pick up a growler or crowler of a local beer for your special person. Great Heights Brewery also has some cool shirts and beer glasses for sale to go along with your crowler of Fruity Pellets. Another local favorite is Eureka Heights Brewery

Our Honorable Mention (and my personal top pick) for a great Valentine’s Day gift is the Orbit Delivery. Unfortunately, they’re sold out for this year already but keep this in mind for next year. What could possibly be better than having the Astros Mascot show up to your place of work on Valentine’s Day with Bullpen Tickets to an Astros game? Keep this in mind for 2020!


Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂




Katie Stuchlik, DDS