Take charge of your sweet tooth this Halloween

Take charge of your sweet tooth this Halloween

Oct 31, 2018

Dr. Wendt and I are among a rare breed of individuals who have never had a cavity. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve both had our dental injuries to our front teeth (Dr. Wendt’s quite a bite more extensive than mine). A common misconception is that we probably never eat anything sweet.


Even as a dentist in Houston, I will admit that I have a really bad sweet tooth. I love the worst kind of candy- the sticky, chewy kind. I love Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids and- as my Dental Assistants at my old practice know- Twizzlers. I’m not a fan of chocolate because grown-ups like me get acid reflux, unfortunately. Though chocolate is a more favorable treat to have when it comes to candy, I still want all the stickiness.

When I was in Dental school, one of the best and worst days was the day Dr. Audrey Moon placed brackets and wires on my teeth. I swore to myself I would be a good patient and not break any brackets. I went an entire year without chewing gum or having just about any candy. The desire to have straight teeth far outweighed my sweet tooth at the time, apparently.

It’s no secret that candy and sweets are detrimental to your teeth[1]. Let’s be honest, unless you’re a body builder, you probably don’t have the discipline to give up all things sweet. Even when I’m being hardcore and counting macros with StrongerU, I find someway to at least fit Smart Sweets into my day on occasion.

Here is my decision tree on how to handle your candy fix as your house is stocked with Halloween Candy:
Decision Tree Flow

Did you know sensitivity to sweets could mean you have a cavity? In the event you completely fail this decision-making process and you begin experiencing sensitivity while you indulge, give us a call or book an appointment on our website and we’ll gladly get you taken care of before the Holidays get busy.

Happy Halloween and be safe!

Katie Stuchlik, DDS


[1] Aljawad A, Morgan MZ, Rees JS, Fairchild R. The availability of novelty sweets within high school localities. Br Dent J. 2016;220:575–9.

You can find information on the Candy buy back program by calling Heights Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics.