Lumineers in Houston, TX

Get the beautiful, healthy-looking smile you have always wanted with ultra-thin Lumineers. These custom-designed tooth shapers require no drilling and no shots. For those reasons, the procedure is painless. In addition, Lumineers are reversible, so you have nothing to lose, only a Hollywood-worthy smile to gain.

Unlike traditional dental veneers, Lumineers in Houston are extremely thin. Similar to a contact lens in width, the restoration can be placed directly on the tooth surface without prior preparation. Your Lumineers dentist in Houston can also apply the ultra-thin layer over an existing dental crown or a bridge. Since there is no need to remove any of the tooth structure, Lumineers are a pain-free cosmetic solution for chipped, discolored, misaligned or stained teeth.

Lumineers in Houston, TX

BPA-Free Fillings

Bisphenol A or BPA is a material found in plastics that mimic the female hormone estrogen. It tricks the body into producing more hormones and has been linked to certain cancers. With the modern shift from traditional metal to tooth-colored composite fillings, the mercury risks have changed to the risk of the BPA-containing plastics being used.

A Dentistry of the Oaks we are proud to be your Houston, TX dentist that uses only composite dental fillings with the BPA-free material.

Laser Dentistry

You can have the perfect smile, quickly and without pain. Laser dentistry reduces the need for sedation and allows for fast recovery times. In your experienced and skilled Houston dentist’s hands, a laser provides the greatest precision, comfort, and results for patients of any age.

Laser dentistry in Houston offers to pinpoint accuracy, minimizing contact with the surrounding healthy tissue. It is a minimally invasive approach that conserves more tooth structure than conventional techniques.

Many dental procedures can be performed effectively with a laser, but it all comes down to the dentist’s ability to control the exposure time and power output on the soft tissues of the mouth or teeth structures, allowing for treatment of a targeted focus area without damaging surrounding tissues.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or are somewhat fearful of traditional dental techniques, you might feel more at ease with a dentist near you who offers laser dentistry for safety and adds comfort.