Black Friday deals for your teeth

Black Friday deals for your teeth

Nov 23, 2018

We hear it everyday- power toothbrushes are sooooo expensive. Black Friday is a great time to snag a great power toothbrush at an insanely great price. Just last night, I had a friend from college text me asking my opinions on a new toothbrush which sparked this post (thanks Megan). In anticipation of the biggest shopping event of the year, we’ve done the research for you to give you our top picks for deals on keeping your teeth squeaky clean year round.

Black Friday Oral Health Deals

The Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries Power Toothbrush connects to your phone via bluetooth to give you real-time feedback on your brushing habits. You can monitor where you spend most of your time brushing on the app. We’re big fans of the beautiful Rose Gold version, but it also comes in white and black. This power brush is on sale at for $84.99, BUT use the code ORALB6000 at checkout for a $20 rebate. Regularly priced at $295, this is a STEAL for this type of toothbrush

The Waterpik Water Flosser is a great buy for your teenager with braces! The waterpik uses water jet pressure to clean in between your teeth, around brackets and wires, and underneath a permanent bridge. We also recommend a waterpik for anybody who lacks the dexterity necessary for traditional flossing. This Waterpik Water Flosser is normally priced at $79.99 and is on Amazon for $49.99 after clicking a box for an extra $10 off.

On the Sonicare line, we have TWO (ok technically three if you keep reading) great options. The Sonicare FlexCare+ is a great affordable product without some of the extra bells and whistles. It has a great gum care setting that provides an option for an extra minute dedicated to cleaning closer to your gum line. Originally priced at $150, this deal can be found at

Black Friday Oral Health Deals

Our second Sonicare option is a bit of a splurge, but definitely a really great deal for Black Friday. The DiamondClean provides five different cleaning modes and vibrates every 30 seconds to effectively clean all four quadrants of your mouth in the recommended 2 minutes. This DiamondClean Classic comes in four colors at for $149.99, but be sure to add in the 15% code JOY for the additional savings. But wait, there’s more! Philips is offering a $30 mail-in rebate to bring this stellar deal down to $98 (plus a $30 Kohls cash bonus!). If you’re looking for something a bit smarter, is also offering a sale on the DiamondClean Smart Series for only $170 after the 15% off PLUS a $40 mail-in rebate AND $45 Kohls cash. The Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Series also has bluetooth capability to help assist in your brushing habits. One of the coolest features of the DiamondClean Smart Series is it will sense the pressure you place on your teeth while brushing and alert you of the excessive pressure.

Interested in a cheap teeth whitening fix for the holidays? has 10 treatments of Crest Vivid Plus white strips for $18 after using the code 7CWSVIVIDBF at checkout.

You probably see multiple ads for new subscription toothbrushes while scrolling through facebook or instagram. Goby is one of our favorites and is offering 30% off 2+ brush kits. This is a great option is you’re looking for an afforable power toothbrush without all the extra modes, and maybe you’re shopping for you AND your spouse. offers a subscription service that delivers new brush heads to you every few months. These brushes come in multiple colors and they are great for those who want a care-free, long-term at home oral health solution.


We hope this helps in your search for great oral healthcare products this Black Friday. And of course, we were not paid nor asked to write this post- just wanted to help out our neighbors. 🙂


Katie Stuchlik, DDS